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China Child Photo Listing: “Colton”

Colton is a sweet, extroverted 7-year-old boy who currently lives in a foster family through a program at his orphanage. He goes to school Monday through Saturday. He is able to do daily functions, such as dressing and undressing, washing his face, brushing his teeth and feeding himself.

He also helps his foster dad and mom clean up the table, put the chairs in place, fold the clothes, etc. He is positive at school and very interested in new things. He can get along well with other classmates and his teacher and classmates like him. Usually, he likes playing with toy blocks, drawing and reading books in his home. His favorite programs are Boonie Bears, Spiderman, Big Head Son and Small Head Father.

His file notes that he has good limb development, good fine and gross motor development as well as good mental development. He gets along well with others and likes listening to music, playing with toys, and singing.

Colton was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect (repaired ASD/ unrepaired VSD?).

Colton’s file is from one of our orphanage partners and is listed as “Special Focus”. Please inquire with our China team at for more information and to see his child photo listing.

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