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cerebral palsy adoption

China Waiting Child: “Aida”

Aida is a sweet young girl whose Chinese name means “active and strength”. She lives with a foster family and is very close to the foster mom.

Her gross motor skills are delayed as she can only crawl and has limited motion and low muscle tension due to her medical need. Her fine motor skills are not as delayed as she can pick up small items with her hands and can pick out toy blocks from the cup. She can respond to her foster parent’s questions. She enjoys playing with toys and her favorite toy is a rattle-drum.

While her current diagnosis as of November 2017 is delayed development, malnutrition, and cerebral palsy, she has been hospitalized on several occasions due to different infections. We are hopeful that she will find her forever family who can give her the care, therapies, and love that she needs.

Aida is an agency file from one of our previous orphanage partnerships and is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus. A family interested in Aida can email for more information.

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