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Wait Times India Adoptions

Wait Times Decrease for India Adoptions

By Lisa Adams-Reese, India Program Director

The India program is pleased to report that the timelines for most families’ adoption process have decreased considerably, and we are seeing cases progress smoothly. Last September, India amended and restructured the regulations on finalizing adoptions. Previously, adoptions were finalized through the district Indian courts with timelines varying greatly, and frequent court delays often hampered them.

The new regulations eliminate the need for court hearings by a District Judge, which has simplified the adoption process. All adoption cases are now registered with the local District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), and once a case has been filed with the DCPU office, the District Magistrate (DM) is responsible for reviewing and approving the adoption.

After the DM approval has been given, a family’s final Adoption Order is issued, which allows the child’s orphanage to complete the last steps needed for a family to travel and bring their child home.  Under this new process, most families receive their Adoption Orders within 2-3 months of receiving their No Objection Certificate from the Central Adoption Resource Authority, allowing them to travel soon thereafter to pick up their child. Although most adoptions are proceeding faster, there have been a few exceptions, as some isolated spots have lagged behind in following the amended system. We expect these rare situations to follow suit eventually, and those timelines will be more aligned with what we see in most Districts in India.

We are thankful that wait times for children to be joined with their families are more reasonable and excited to see the goal of what is in the best interest of the child being applied.

For more information about our India adoption program, visit our India adoption page.

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