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Wait Time Encouragement from a China Program Family

Throughout the adoption process and waiting on a placement, God has reminded me that not only is He who called me to adopt the One who will be faithful to complete the adoption (1 Thes 5:24), but He knows my heart and is the one who walks with me through the waiting.  I have to remind myself that God’s direction and God’s timing are equally important when it comes to His will.
The other day I was reading a non-adoption-related book called When Wallflowers Dance, by Angela Thomas.  When I got to chapter 6, “Until it's your Turn”, I was instantly reminded that God knows the struggles of my heart and His timing is always perfect.  The chapter is about waiting on God's promises and the things you can do while you wait.  The paragraph that nearly brought me to tears is below:
“There is a great lesson that comes to those who have spent the good part of a lifetime waiting.  Sometimes you have all your papers and necessary credentials, you are in exactly the right line at exactly the right time, but you still have to wait.  An agonizing wait. An I-wonder-if-I'm-in-the-right-line wait. A much longer wait than you had expected.  All the time, you may be in the right place facing the right direction, but it's not your turn yet.”
The chapter goes on to discuss, in detail, the six things you do while you wait – abide, entrust, trust, become, pray, and stand.  I would recommend this chapter to anyone in the adoption process who needs encouragement to help them walk another day in their waiting.

— Ginny Henderson


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