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Visiting Orphans, El Salvador: Family Testimonies


After this week in El Salvador we feel like we've had an Extreme Makeover – Soul Edition.  We feel grateful that God allowed us to witness what He does in the lives of these kids at Cuidad de los Niños.  One of the blessings they have is a huge yellow school bus they all use for rides to church, the beach, the health clinic and many other places. We were reminded of the chant “Move That Bus!” and we know it was God that moved it as many miles as it had to go without a blow-out. It was in great need of tires and many times it was loaded with triple the capacity it was made for. This is just one example they had of relying on God to provide just enough provisions until further notice. GOD IS GOOD and the children of Cuidad de los Niños acknowledge that every day. Each child has been taught by example by the staff and older children that God provides and is to be praised and glorified.  We would like to remodel our home and life to end up looking more like theirs.

Mark & Robin Watson


This trip was a real eye-opener. I realized how much we really do have it good here. For instance having air conditioning. All of the children there always lived without it in what seems to be 115 degree weather even if they were sick. But it really amazes me how much they live for Christ. Their entire life is based upon faith in Him. They all live as one big family and help each other out. They are a great example of how to live by faith and by going there and seeing them I hope to become a better follower by their example.


Ashleigh Watson, age 15


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