USCIS Fee Increases
October 27, 2016

Earlier this week, USCIS published its final rule outlining changes in their fee schedule for services, including those for several adoption-related services. This includes fee increases for I-600/600As, I-800/800As, and a near-doubling of the fee to obtain a certificate of citizenship (N-600), which increases to $1,170. (Please note, the fee for obtaining a certificate of citizenship is not applicable to most AWAA families.) The fee increases go to into effect on December 23, 2016.|

America World Adoption staff opposed these fee increases publically and we are disappointed to see the fee increases were put in place. While we do not expect this to seriously impact families overall expenses, we know that every dollar counts and we strive to keep costs as low as possible.

For more information, here is the USCIS fee increase information on the Federal Register:




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