Urgent: Robbie Still Needs a Family–Chisholm is Matched!

We are so excited to share that “Chisholm” has been matched with his forever family!

We recently shared urgent news about Chisholm and Robbie needing to be matched quickly with their forever families. While we praise God for Chisholm being matched, we continue to advocate for Robbie whose file must be returned to China on January 25th. This means that a family needs to be matched with him within the next few days.

Please continue to join with us in advocating for Robbie by praying for a family to be matched with him and by sharing this post!

Robbie has a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired palate and just had his surgery. He is in a Love Without Boundaries healing home and is available for immediate adoption

We are currently waiving all AWAA transfer fees as well for any family who transfers. 

Robbie is a Log in Date  (LID) only file so we need a family who has a dossier already logged in China.

Robbie was recently visited by an AWAA Storyteller medical team and doctor so additional information is also available, and we can connect families with our team who met Robbie. 

Below is more information about Robbie, but extensive information on him and other children available can be found by clicking HERE.

Robbie   |  14 months old  |  Repaired cleft lip, unrepaired palate

Robbie joined the Love Without Boundaries healing home in December. Not your typical underweight child with cleft, 14-month-old Robbie is one of the chubbiest and happiest little guys we’ve ever seen!  Don’t smile TOO big, Robbie, we can’t have you popping your stitches!

Ro 1

Ro 2

(Information and updated photos courtesy of Love Without Boundaries)

 Due to having received a large number of files recently and having matched all families in our program who have a dossier in China and are open to boys, there is no wait time currently in our program for a boy with minor needs commonly seen in China, as we are also due to receive 40 boy files in the upcoming months!! 

To request to review one of these boys, please contact us at China@awaa.org or by phone at 800-429-3369A family who is currently approved for a girl can amend their home study and immigration form and consider adopting one of these sweet children and a family currently with a dossier in China can switch their dossier to be matched with one of these adorable boys. 


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