Urgent Needs: Can You Help These Little Ones?

We really need your help with these 7 children who have been on our Waiting Child pages for quite awhile with no inquiries.  Each of these children's files need to be returned to China this Saturday unless families step forward to adopt.

Even if you are not able to adopt, sharing the information below can make a huge difference. Please share on your social media and email to your friends, family and church.  We would love to see each of these placed into a forever family.

From our Waiting Child pages you can login to view individual child profiles, or request a password to receive one within seconds via email.  Contact our China staff for more information at 800-429-3369, WaitingChildren@awaa.org or APPLY HERE.  Each of these children are designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus, which means any family at any stage of the process can review their files.

#BeAStoryteller for these 7!

1-17-15 Referral Returns

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