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Urgent Need for Timothy in China

Timothy CN for blog
We need your help finding a family for Timothy whose file needs to be returned to China on February 18th.  Since he is designated as Special Focus by China, any family is eligible to adopt him.

Timothy is a precious little boy that likes music and toys that make sound. He is from one of our orphanage partnerships but lives in a foster family. He adores his foster grandma and grandpa. Timothy has been diagnosed with hypospadias and prepuce edema. He also has small measurements and possibly a speech delay. His file does note that at 15 months, he could turn over and crawl. A U.S. doctor has reviewed his file and has provided very helpful feedback for a family to review.

Timothy is designated as Special Focus by the CCCWA. A family at any stage of the process is eligible to review his file.

Contact our China staff at 800-429-3369 or to learn more about Timothy.  Families can also APPLY HERE for Timothy or to begin the process for another child on our Waiting Child pages.  

Note that families who have their paperwork completed (application completed and dossier submitted) and in China are also eligible for an “LID-only” designated child on our Waiting Child pages.  Contact us for more information about being eligible for LID-only children.

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