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Urgent Need: Families for Healthy Boys

We would like to make families aware of 3 healthy boys in the China Waiting Children Program who are in need of a forever family. These boys will soon age out of China’s adoption program and will no longer be able to know the love of a family. The CCCWA has expressed that they would like for each of these boys to find a loving family before they are too old to be adopted; therefore, we would like to share some information on each of them and advocate on their behalf. Though we are highlighting these three boys in particular, there are still hundreds of boys of all ages, who are currently available for adoption in the China  Waiting Children Program. Some of these boys are older and are healthy, while others may have different types of minor to moderate medical needs, repaired needs, or delays.

Today, we would like for you to meet three of these boys in particular:

Oliver is a healthy thirteen and a half year old boy. He is an active and talented young man who likes to play soccer.  Oliver also enjoys watching TV, playing games and reading.  What's more, he is also fond of music and singing. He has a good appetite and enjoys eating rice and noodles.  Oliver has until July to find his forever family. His referral is open to LID families only due to the amount of time left before his 14th birthday. Families who may be interested, need to have a valid USCIS approval and fingerprints if at all possible, because of need to expedite his process due to his age and pending birthday. (Family needed immediately as he must be adopted by mid-July. Process will be expedited.)

Jude is a handsome, healthy twelve and a half year old boy, who is an extrovert and gets along well with other children.  He is an athletic boy who enjoys soccer and skate boarding.  Jude also likes to read and listen to music.  At mealtimes, he has a good appetite and his favorite food is meat. 

Miles is a healthy twelve and a half year old boy, who gets along well with his classmates and respects his teacher.  He is good at writing Chinese characters and math.  He is also an active boy who likes to play soccer and run.  Miles also enjoys art, reading, and writing short poems.  Some of his hobbies include toy cars, trains and playing with transformers. 

All three of these children are categorized by the CCCWA as special focus children (their adoption can be approved alongside another adoption when applicable/approved by using one dossier). Families interested in learning more or in speaking with other families who have adopted older children or boys, should contact their Family Coordinator or email for more information or to obtain the Waiting Children Program password. Families can view photos for these boys by going to our website.

Please join us in prayer that God will bring Jude, Miles, and Oliver, and the many others like them who are waiting, their forever families.

* English names given to each child in order to protect their identity


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