Urgent Need: China Program

Caleb 2
Caleb is a sweet and outgoing boy with a smile that lights up a room.  An America World team met him and they reported that he is very helpful and has a leader’s personality and always looks out for the younger children.  He loves to sing and perform and he especially likes to sing solos.  Caleb walks with a limp, but can run, jump and play with the best of them!  Caleb has been in both a foster family and in an orphanage setting. Staff with Love Without Boundaries (identified by LWB as “Grantâ€) have met Caleb and worked with him in China. We have additional individuals who will be at his orphanage in the upcoming weeks and we anticipate to be able to provide additional information on his file sometime in late July. 
Here are a few wonderful blog posts written by Love Without Boundaries: 
**LWB uses “Grant†as his English name
Caleb 1
Caleb has cerebral palsy and postoperative lengthening of his Achilles tendons.  He has had long-term rehabilitation and has done very well as is noted in the posts above.  Caleb’s file notes that he has a mental delay compared to his peers, but that his language development is good and that he is very talkative. Caleb is designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file and is from one of our agency’s orphanage partnerships. A family considering adoption or with a completed dossier are  eligible to review this file. We can also connect a family reviewing this file with individuals who have met this child through one of our mission teams. 
**Note: A generous grant of $4000 from Love Without Boundaries as well as an additional large grant by donors is available to offset a large amount of a family’s final adoption expenses to pursue this adoption. 
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If you are interested in knowing more about Caleb, please contact us at 800.429.3369 or by email at china@awaa.org.

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