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Urgent China Need: Child Aging Out Soon

Blake is a handsome, healthy 13-year-old boy in need of a family. He participated in our hosting program in the summer of 2015 and is now back in China and registered for international adoption. Blake will turn 14 years old on August 8, 2016 and by Chinese law will not be able to be adopted after his 14th birthday. Because of this short timeline, it is preferred that a family who is already in the adoption process and has a completed home study come forward to be matched with him. 

Blake ABlake has been asked if he would like to be adopted and he answered yes! He has heard that many of his friends from the hosting program are being adopted or are now with families and he is excited for the opportunity to have a permanent family of his own. Many of his friends will be living in and around the Northern VA/DC area and he shared that he would love to live near his friends, but is certainly willing to be adopted by any family in the U.S.

Blake enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and interacting with his classmates. He gets along well with his foster family. Those that interacted with him during the hosting period last summer shared that he is quiet & reserved, but did well in groups and interacting with others. We learned that he loves turtles and is good at miniature golf. He needs encouragement to try new things, but was excited to learn a new skill once he tried.

Blake B
Blake's file is from one of our partnership orphanages and his file is designated as Special Focus, so someone considering adoption or in any stage of the process would be eligible to review his file.

You can read more about Blake and also view other children who are waiting by visiting our website and clicking HERE. Families who are not currently in the process of adopting with America World, should fill out a quick free PRE-APPLICATION and our staff will follow up right away regarding the opportunity to review Blake’s file. Any questions can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-3369.

Blake C
Please join us in praying that a family would come forward for Blake very quickly. Please share Blake’s story and join us in helping find his forever family!


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