Urgent: Belle is aging out and is ready to meet her forever family

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We would like to introduce you to 13 ½ year old Belle.  She is described as a quiet, understanding and a sweet girl who often looks out for the well-being of other children at the orphanage. Her caretakers describe her as a girl who always cares for and helps others. She likes to draw, read, sing and play games. She dreams of being a hairstylist.

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Belle will turn 14 years old on January 8, 2017 and by Chinese law will not be able to be adopted after her 14th birthday. Because of this short timeline, it is preferred that a family who is already in the adoption process and has a completed home study come forward to be matched with her.  Families interested in considering her adoption would need to be prepared to expedite the process and travel by late 2016 in order to meet the January deadline.

Belle received surgery for meningomyelocele (spina bifida) including cauda equine relaxing and repair on May 12, 2005. Before the surgery Belle used a wheelchair for mobility. The operation was successful and Belle gained the ability to walk and use her legs.  Belle now navigates without the use of a wheelchair.

Belle has expressed a strong desire to be matched with her forever family.  She would like to have a home and to have a dad and mom who lover her. However, due to her age, she has a limited time to be matched with a family.

Belle’s file is from one of our partnership orphanages and her file is designated as Special Focus, so families considering adoption at any stage of the process would be eligible to review her file.

You can read more about other children who are waiting by visiting our website and clicking HERE. Families who are not currently in the process of adopting with America World, should fill out a quick free PRE-APPLICATION and our staff will follow up right away regarding the opportunity to review Belle’s file. Any questions can be directed to our China staff at China@awaa.org or 1-800-429-3369.

Please help us share Belle’s story. She is a princess, sure to be treasured by a special family!

Belle Video 2 from America World Adoption on Vimeo.


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