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URGENT: Child Aging Out in August & Speaks to His Future Family

Ben is Aging Out of His Orphanage & Shares This Video

As we enter the summer, we often think of this season as a time where we hang out with our families or extended families, visit new places, try new things and often view the world through the eyes of children—as they explore the outdoors and their world around them.

Have you ever paused to consider that not every child around the world has the opportunity to experience these things?

To be taken outdoors to play, explore and enjoy the summer sun.

To see a beach for the first time and experience the joy of warm sand between their toes as the waves crash onto the shore.

To watch fireflies glitter in the trees above them.

To visit national landmarks.

To take a cruise.

To visit a playground or park with their family.

To go swimming.

To see new countries.

To go camping and roast a marshmallow or make a S’more.

To ride a boat and feel the cool breeze on their face while the wind rustles their hair.

These are moments that many of us experience in the summer; yet, we often forget there are millions of children who will never know what it is like to vacation, to travel, to play outdoors in the sun or to experience the joy of spending time with a family.

Today we wanted to share with you a video from a little boy who will no longer be able to be adopted from China after August of this year, as he is aging out of his orphanage.

You may have seen us advocating for Ben recently.

Ben took some time to speak to “his future family” and let them know a little about him before his aging out of the orphanage. He shares with us his name, his age and his love of art and wanted to show everyone some recent art pieces that he has created—“The Temple of Heaven”, a butterfly and flower, and other artistic expressions.

Ben expresses in this video that he wants to have a family and would love to go with family members to different places and travel to see many interesting places.

We don’t know about you, but when we hear an orphan speak it grabs our attention.

Ben ages out on August 27, 2018, after this time he will no longer be eligible to be adopted. Time is getting very short for Ben to have a family.  Ben has scoliosis and osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).

While he may have medical needs, they don’t define him. This little guy has big dreams for his life, just like all children.

America World is offering a $2,500 adoption grant to the family who adopts “Ben”.

Due to the short timeframe to complete his adoption before his birthday, a family who already has a dossier in China or a family getting ready to submit their dossier to China is preferred.

Please contact our China team at or call 800-429-3369 to learn more about Ben and how you can make him a part of your forever family.

As we advocate for Ben, we would ask you to share this information with as many people as possible. You never know how God may use you to be a part of Ben’s story and help him find his forever family.

Thank you for praying diligently alongside us for Ben.

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