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Update on Ukraine

Our hearts are heavy today with the shocking news out of Ukraine of the hundreds of lives lost in the jetliner crash that took place hours ago. Since the onset of the crisis in Ukraine our agency has received reports on how the conflict has been effecting orphans all throughout the country. These reports are oftentimes alarming and always heartbreaking.

Our call to action must first be to prayer – prayer for the children, for the caretakers, for the missionaries working there and for the government of Ukraine to maintain it’s autonomy so that it’s orphans may continue to be adopted by prospective parents all over the world.

Our call to action must next be for missionaries willing to go – to go and give love and to give support to these children. Our own ACT Missions department is seeking willing volunteers to lead and fill a team that will go. The first week in January would be an excellent time to go – it will overlap with the Orthodox Christmas holiday and give an excellent opportunity for a mission team to take the message of the gospel of peace. If this is something that you would be interested in please send us an email at  

Our call to action must also be to adoption. The path to adoption for U.S. citizens is still open in Ukraine and above all else these children need permanent, safe homes and forever families. You can check out the process of adoption from Ukraine on our website.

Our call to action must be to open our homes when possible. Traditionally, orphanage children receive a summer holiday which is an opportunity for them to get out of their orphanage setting. However, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine means that funds are no longer available to finance these summer camps and so children are facing a summer without camp and without a reprieve from their everyday lives where they have no family and no home. We have the opportunity to bring Ukrainian orphans to the U.S. for a few weeks through our hosting program Welcoming Angels. We need families willing to step forward and take one or a couple of these children into their homes for a few short weeks.

If your heart is like ours, yearning to do something, anything to make a difference in these precious children’s lives, then we encourage you to specifically pray over what God may be calling you to do and then get in touch with us. Above all else, please join us in prayer over the children and over the families of those who have lost loved ones today in Ukraine. 


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