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Update on An Orphan’s Ticket Home


An Orphan's Ticket Home is busy creating their first Annual Report which is slated to be sent to you by Mother's Day of this year!  We are so excited to share in this report the difference your donations have made in orphan's lives this past year.  We also look forward to sharing how your future donations can make a continued difference.  In this report you will see pictures of our new Ethiopia Transitional Home and of the Permanency Center in Honduras, both of which your generous donations helped make possible. 

Please know that America World could not continue with this awesome work on behalf of the orphans if it weren't for the income that is being generated through An Orphan's Ticket Home. We know and have been confirmed that this creative campaign was God's vision first and foremost and that we are just trying to keep up with Him in His generous heart towards the orphan's plight. 

Can you imagine being God?  There is a scene in the movie, “Bruce Almighty” where Jim Carrey (Bruce) is getting email after email of prayers being prayed by the trillions.  This was a great scene, but it did not at all give the reality of how deep those prayers and cries truly are.  They were “American” prayers so to speak.  I CANNOT imagine the prayers and cries though that God truly has to bear in the 143 million voices of the orphans!  I am reminded of the verse which I always have in front of me here at work: “Do not stop crying out to the Lord our God for us, that He may rescue us!” I Sam 7:8.

It is because of these cries that I come to you, and ask, please give to An Orphan's Ticket Home, so that we can be the hands and feet of God in helping Him answer the prayers of these orphans for  safety, security and unconditional love in a family that loves them. This campaign has to be sustained through your giving in order to keep making this difference.  It is a campaign we hope to continue.

For instance, last year, 71 orphans were cared for and adopted through our Ethiopia Transitional Home. This year we are estimating over 200! This is because of YOU!! Because of your donations to An Orphan's Ticket Home.  If we do not continue receiving these donations, this will not be possible…

You can give here at our Orphan's Ticket Home website.  Also, if you are not on our AWA mailing list and would like An Orphan's Ticket Home annual report sent to you, please send your request and mailing adress to me at  Thank you!

Until They All Have Tickets Home Soon,

Amanda Lawrence, Director of Development


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