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Update from our China Storyteller Missions Team

China2 3-18-16
As we shared in a previous post (which you can click to read HERE), we have a team in China right now that is visiting our newest orphanage partnership. As they continue to meet new children, show them love, complete medical assessments and take in every special moment, we thought we would share with you today, a few more thoughts and quotes from team members about their time thus far in China.

“Interacting with the children in the new orphanage partnership has been simply amazing. They really are bonding with us as much as we are with them. It is wonderful and heartbreaking to see all the love. Heartbreaking,because tomorrow is our last day with all our new little friends.â€

“A week is hardly long enough to get to know someone, especially the shy little ones who are just beginning to trust us. Then of course there is the challenge of not sharing a language! However, love knows no limits and our hearts are all connected in an unbreakable way forever.â€

“Our greatest hope is that wonderful families will also feel this connection and be moved to give these kids loving homes.â€

“It has been wonderful watching our translator, who wasn’t quite sure about everything in the beginning, begin to be overtaken by these awesome children. He now carries the children around and plays with them.â€

“We know without a doubt that these kids would bless any family who steps out and says “yes” to adoption.â€

China1 3-18-16

Today is the team’s last day with feet on the ground at this orphanage, so they have asked us to join with their team in praying that anything they need to accomplish on behalf of each child, will be accomplished. Anything they have missed up until now, they will notice and have the eyes to capture each and every special moment with these very special and precious children who are made in the image of their very Father.

If you are interested in learning more about our China program, please contact us at or by phone at 800.429.3369.


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