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Until Then…

I spoke with a new friend yesterday whose family hosted several children from Eastern Europe and Russia over the past few years.  Her family’s willingness to open their hearts and home to several orphaned children has been a great encouragement to me.  Even though her family was not in a position to adopt, they still wanted to share their love with these children for the weeks they were given.  As we spoke on the phone, she relayed how her family has seen two of their hosted children go on to be happily adopted by another family.  They also keep in touch with another girl they hosted from Russia this past summer, encouraging her of their love and of God’s love for her.  This girl will now be hosted at Christmas by a potential adoptive family.  My friend shared that one of her favorite gospel songs, “Until Thenâ€, reminds her to keep loving and sharing God’s love until then. 

This Friday, December 10th, Grafted Families, a partnering ministry with Welcoming Angels, is sponsoring a benefit concert to help bring a group of older orphans from Ethiopia to Baltimore, Maryland.  If you live in the Baltimore area, I invite you to come and enjoy an evening of Christian music.  All money from ticket sales will be used for the Welcoming Angels hosting program in Baltimore.  For more information about the Welcoming Angels benefit concert please click here.  If you are unable to come to the concert and would like more information about Welcoming Angels, please contact hosting director, Mary Noble at

Until then, won’t you please join with us in loving orphans around the world through Welcoming Angels?  Prayerfully consider how your family can love these children in practical ways.  Perhaps your family could host an orphaned child for a few weeks or help financially sponsor a child to come on the Welcoming Angels hosting program.  When we join together, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are boundless! 

Until then,

Mary Noble

Director of Welcoming Angels hosting program

Welcome angels 


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