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Ukraine Program

America World received initial reports this week based on a meeting that occurred at the SDA that the previously announced 2008 quota would be abolished in it’s current form. Currently the 2008 quota is broken down by country and by age of children. The quota may be changed to be one total number for 2008, without specification for how many dossiers any one country can submit and for any particular age range. The total number for 2008 may be 1500. America World would stress that this is initial information and subject to change at any time, especially as new leadership is expected within the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports.
America World would also at this time continue to expect potential difficulties and delays for families seeking to adopt children under 6 years old due to availability. There are currently 125 families reported to be waiting for second appointments, the majority seeking to adopt children under age 4. It is anticipated that these families will be invited back to the SDA for a second appointment between January 14, 2008 and February 29, 2008. This again is initial information.
America World is looking for families who are interested in adopting children with special needs or older children for the Ukraine program.
America World had one family return from Ukraine this week after seven weeks in country to complete the adoption of an older child.


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