Two waiting child boys in China

Two waiting child boys in China

There are two precious boys at one of our orphanage partnerships in China who are waiting for a family.

Dakota is a sweet little 2 ½ year old who is known by his big smile!  He is described as introverted, but likes to play games, dances to music, and likes to play with his favorite toy keyboard. He enjoys outdoor activities and playing with his friends. He has good fine motor skills and can crawl, walk unassisted, draw lines, turn pages, and knows some colors. He can now say some words as well! He has been diagnosed as having cataracts in both eyes and Hepatitis B. We learned this week that he has a pending eye surgery to repair his cataracts, which is great news!

We have received multiple updates, photos & videos of Dakota in May 2017 from his foster family. They reported that the bronchitis he was hospitalized for previously has resolved and he is doing really well. His caretakers have noticed that while he does have weak vision, he has light perception and can see objects close to him and will reach for things.  Dakota has some developmental delays due to his vision problem, but his vision condition is being repaired soon so his foster family is hopeful this will improve his daily life. In addition to the updates from the foster family, we also have a medical assessment of Dakota’s file.

As you will see in his video located at the bottom of this post, Dakota is now walking and loves to “play” the keyboard. Just look at those eyes fill with excitement when given the chance to play!


Dane is a precious 2 year old boy who loves to take baths and sucks his little fingers when sleeping. Dane has been diagnosed with microcephaly (small head deformity), growth delays, and nystagmus. He is in great health and seldom gets sick. He can sit and stand alone steadily, can say simple monosyllables, and responds or smiles when talked to.

Both Dakota and Dane are living in wonderful foster homes in China. Their files are designated as Special Focus, so a family just considering adoption or at any stage of the process may be eligible to review the file. Please contact us at for more information.  You can also view other children who are available for adoption by clicking HERE.

**Please note that most often, younger and minor needs children are generally matched with families already in our program who are requesting younger children with minor needs; therefore, this type of file does not generally appear on our site for advocacy. Children appearing on our website are those needing extra advocacy due to their age or medical needs. We would encourage families interested in younger or minor needs children, to apply to AWAA and begin the adoption process in order to be eligible for children who may be younger or have more minor needs.


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