Two Sisters, Part of Hosting Group, Need a Forever Family

Hannah 3
Hanna is a healthy 13-year old girl who was part of America World's summer Welcoming Angels hosting session in the U.S. Hanna is in fourth grade and her math teacher is her hero. Hanna gets along well with others. She enjoys playing badminton. She's active and outgoing!

Lizzie is also a healthy girl 11-year old girl who was part of the summer Welcoming Angels hosting session, and is sister to Hanna. Lizzie is in third grade and her favorite subject is drawing. She's active, outgoing, and likes talking and laughing. She enjoys skipping rope. 

AWAA staff who met Lizzie and Hanna this summer say that they were always very sweet and respectful. They seemed to get along with their host family very well and adjusted quickly. At each event they were always the ones helping get things set up and the first to start doing dishes and cleaning after. They seemed to always be smiling. During their time here they learned how to swim and loved being in the water.

Hanna and Lizzie’s files are from one of our partnership orphanages in China and are designated as special focus so someone considering adoption or in any stage of the process is eligible to review their files.

Current America World families who are interested making Hanna and Lizzie a part of their family should contact their Family Coordinator.

Families not currently in the process of adopting with America World should fill out a quick & simple free PRE-APPLICATION and our Intake staff will follow up with you right away.

Any questions about these girls or any Waiting Child can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-2269.


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