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Two Cars for Ethiopia Staff

Driving is built into the vast majority of people’s daily routines.  Even with gas prices at nearly $4 in McLean, I make the commute to work five days a week without even a second thought; and I see hundreds of people in their own vehicles doing the same thing every day from my office window. 
I need to get to work so I drive there.  I need to pick up groceries, I drive down the street to the store.  If I want to visit with my family, it’s as simple as getting in my car and driving a couple of miles.

The majority of us don’t know what it means to count the cost of not having access to some kind of transportation.  But what if you didn’t have a vehicle?  What if getting from point A to point B wasn’t as simple as jumping into your car, turning on the ignition and cruising down the road?  For once, rush hour traffic would certainly be the least of your concerns…

America World is seeking to purchase two vehicles for our staff in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to use.  This will allow our staff working on developing an in-country domestic adoption program and our social workers quicker and easier access to and from appointments as well as more regular visits to the transitional homes.  With the use of these two cars, the simple tasks that we can so often take for granted, will no longer be a hurdle for our staff.

Each vehicle has a price tag of $14,753.35. (View the invoice on one Abay Executive and note that 16.62 ETB is equivalent to 1 USD.)  We have already received a generous donation of nearly $7,000 toward this end, but still need close to $23,000 in order to make our work of caring for orphaned children in Ethiopia more effective.

Please prayerfully consider if you might be called to participate with us in this effort.  Your partnership with us, through our Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign, will directly affect the efficiency of the care that we can provide to the Lord’s children in Ethiopia.

You can give online at: or make checks payable to America World Adoption, noting something along the lines of “OTH – Ethiopia Vehicles†in the notes section or memo line, and mailing the check to:

  America World Adoption
  Attn: Orphan’s Ticket Home
  6723 Whittier Ave.
  McLean, VA 22101

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

In Him,

Jason West
Director of Development

 Orphans ticket home


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