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Wesson feature photo

Twelve year old Wesson continues to wait for a family

You may remember Wesson, whose shy smile and sweet spirit has stolen hearts all over. His age makes this situation urgent, as he needs to be adopted soon to avoid aging out of the system. His story was recently shared here, and one of our Loving Ambassador team members wanted to share some memorable parts of her time with this special young man:

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Wesson is a twelve-year-old boy who is well-ensconced in a group of friends who seem to function like brothers and take care of each other. In spite of cerebral palsy that keeps him from walking with his friends, they push his wheelchair, or sometimes take rides in it, and he appears to be well-liked and included with these other boys. I had the distinct pleasure of sitting with Wesson during our first day together during the latter part of the Opening Ceremonies, and he impressed me as being a very clear-minded and typical pre-teen. He was patient with me as I struggled to get my translation app on my phone to work well, and then we chatted a little bit back and forth. After a few minutes he spoke in Chinese into my phone then handed it back to me. He had said, “I’m bored.” Then shortly after that, wanting to head off to be with his friends, he politely asked via the translation app, “Can we stop texting now?” Yes, he’s a very typical twelve-year-old, only perhaps more polite! Wesson can maneuver himself short distances in his wheelchair to get around to his buddies. I believe Wesson has great potential. He needs a family soon who will love him, get him into some good physical and occupational therapy, and provide a nourishing and nurturing home life. He is a sweet boy who is eager for a family of his own!

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