“Twas the week before Christmas…”

Merry Christmas from the Alley Family, adopting from Haiti! Thank you for submitting this great poem, and we hope you all enjoy it. 

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house not a paper was wasted, not even a picture of the house.

I in my slippers and Dad in his chair had just settled down for a nice quiet prayer.

All the papers were gathered and placed in the box, hoping IBESR thinks that they rock!

As we checked off each item and made sure they were right, we steadied ourselves for the rest of the fight. The letters all said, “What fine parents we’d make and the ones that said,â€We’re not crazy, give us a break.â€

With notaries and certifications galore the paper cuts and stress are nothing compared to our son whom we will adore!

So many had a say… the doctors, the sheriff, the bankers too, and YES…. even the IRS.

As the Fedex truck pulled away we looked at each other as we exclaimed…..

May our steps be blessed and our path shine bright, as we allow God to be the one guiding our light!”


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