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Turning “Peace” Signs into “Victory”- thoughts from the Haugh Family



This is my favorite picture from our adoption trip for Anna.  It was taken a couple of days after her Gotcha Day on a visit to a local Chinese park.  Every time we pulled out our camera, she loved giving us a smile and her “peace†sign.  We thought it was pretty cute because she was giving us the same “peace†sign that was in her referral picture on the Waiting Children List.


After we returned to our hotel, we loaded our pictures on our laptop.  Right away, I noticed something I hadn’t seen when the picture was taken.  When someone wins a game, or makes the final score for a win, they are often put up on someone’s shoulders to celebrate that person’s success or win.  What I saw in this picture, was a daughter on her father’s shoulders, celebrating her adoption, which had been planned by her Heavenly Father before He created the world.   And when we took the picture, I saw her “peace†sign.  After, I saw two “V’s†that represented “VICTORYâ€.  What a sweet VICTORY!


Through our adoptions and involvement with serving orphans, we have seen many pictures of older waiting children who are holding up their “peace†signs.  We would like to encourage you to open your hearts and pray over adopting an older child.  Will you consider turning their “peace†signs into “VICTORYâ€? 




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