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Letter from Rachel

Transition Home Happenings

We’ve had three families here over the past week, which is always an exciting time!  We love showing off the home and staff here, and we are blessed by the many clothes, toys, and other essential items that are brought!  Currently we are fortunate that one of the adoptive fathers is a practicing pediatrician, with a lot of medical mission’s experience.  Obviously there are many health concerns that come about with orphans.  The doctor did a full examination on all the children, educated our staff on common health issues in orphanages, and taught us how to best care for the children amongst these challenges.  We are excited about the continued development of programs here at the transition home, and at the top of our list is certainly the health of your children. 

Meet our Nurse, Fortuna – She is THE WOMAN!

We praise God for Fortuna!  She is far more than the nurse here.  It is obvious that God provided far more than a “nurse”, as she also functions as director of the home by taking care of all employee and home management.  Dedicated to and adoring of the children, she often spends the night to watch over a sick child.  She is such a faithful employee who puts every bit of her heart into caring for the children, home, and staff.


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