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Transition Home Highlights


Recently, the children in the Transition Home went on a fun day out. The kids look forward to this for months and it is always quite the adventure. The staff and the younger kids load a bus and head to a pool, lunch at a nicer restaurant, and then to a dessert cafe. The next day the older children venture off to an area a bit outside of Addis for swimming and dining at a nice resort. ​They open a tall menu and are given the opportunity to order anything they’d like. The day ends with horseback riding for the older kids and gourmet dessert surprises for the younger children.




As the bright green, tacky bus full of kids strolls back to the Transition Home after a long day, most kids are no longer singing songs as they did on the way there. Rather, eyes are shut and stomachs are full. While everyone, including the staff, could not have been more tired at the end of the day, it is always well worth it.



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