Transferring to America World Ethiopia

World Adoption has recently received requests from families applying to
transfer to our Ethiopia Program who already have dossiers submitted with
another agency.  In these situations, the following policy/fee schedules
will apply.  Our agency would want to see in writing (via email, fax or
letter) that the family’s current agency is aware and supportive of the
family’s desire to switch agencies (if this is a family whose previous agency
is bankrupt or no longer exists, this isn’t required).  Following this, we
would ask that families fill out our online application and send an email to informing our staff that
you’ve applied and that you’re seeking to transfer from another agency. We will give families transferring agencies a $200 discount  on the
application fee, meaning families will need to submit $100 at the time of
application submission (this fee will be listed on the website shortly).

who are accepted into our program will be sent an Agreement (contract) to sign
and return with the initial program fee.  For families with dossiers in
Ethiopia, we will waive $1,500 of the initial program fee of $2,500.

to the dossier will likely be needed for it to meet America World’s
standards.  The expense of updating this will be between $200 –
$1,000.  Additional charges will be assessed if there is a need to
courier, translate and/or authenticate dossier documentation. Families
will also be expected to pay a refundable post adoption deposit, the first half of the international program fee, and the mid program fee at the time of dossier
review/acceptance with our agency.

other fees, including the international program fee, will remain the same for
families who have transferred into working with our agency.  A full
breakdown/estimate of expenses can be found here on our
website.  When a family’s dossier is reviewed/approved/accepted by our
agency, we will add that family to the bottom of our waiting list.  A
family’s previous dossier submission date will not be used to determine their
place on our waiting list. 

families who transfer to our agency should be aware that we will have the same
requirements/qualifications as we would for new applicants, including signing
our statement of faith.  The current wait times are very dependent upon a
family’s child request, with the current wait times for an infant being 24-30
months, and have shown a trend of increasing.  Families seeking to adopt
older children and children with special needs will likely experience shorter
wait times. America World Adoption does not place multiple
unrelated children under the age of five at the same time; if a family is
requesting two children under the age of five, the request and expectation
should be for one or two children.  Please feel free to give our office a
call for more detailed information on our polices.

recognize that families who are switching agencies have likely already dealt
with a lot of frustration and heartache due to their circumstances.  We hope,
pray and trust that God will use these difficulties to work His plan for your
family and for the child who will be entering your family.

present you may be temporarily harassed by all kinds of trials.  This is
no accident. It happens to prove your faith which is infinitely more valuable
than gold.”
1 Peter 1:6-7

is the reason we never lose heart.  These troubles which are temporary are
winning for us a permanent, a glorious and solid reward out of proportion to
our pain.  So we don't look at the temporary situation.  We look
beyond to see the eternal benefits.”
  2 Corinthians 4:16-17


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