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Thousands more “Welcome Homes”

What a title. Thousands more welcome homes. To date, we have seen more than 5,000 children welcomed into forever families.

This morning our staff met for prayer, as we do every single day. We read God’s word, we reset and we lift up praises and requests alike. Every single day. We do this because we are very well aware that our work matters deeply to God. He is the creator of family, he is the restorer of hope and he mends broken things. Adoption and orphan care matter to God because children matter to God. We believe that our families, mission team members and monthly donors are part of holy, sacred work. And so we pray.

We pray that God will provide, we pray that he will move obstacles and we pray that he will deliver thousands more welcome homes. Thank you for being a part of the movement of God through opening your hearts to adoption, to orphan care initiatives and by supporting us through giving and prayer.

Our Gift of Hope initiative continues to stay active through the end of April. We have not reached our goal, not even close, but we are confident that God will provide, just as He always has, through thousands of adoption processes and thousands of children cared for over the years.

Learn more about the gift of hope or give here today if your heart is compelled.

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