“Their Vision is Valuable” Exhibit: Phoenixville, PA

Sparrow Fund exhibit
When professional photographer Ben Leaman joined The Sparrow Fund's team to serve at an orphanage of 300 children in Shaanxi, China in October 2014, the team, one of America World's Storyteller Missions teams, was able to offer the children something that had never been offered there before. More than 10 of the older children joined him for a photography workshop where they discussed what makes beauty, shadows, color, and capturing humanity in images. Then, they were sent out to capture their world in photography.

Exhibit save date
On Friday, May 1st, The Sparrow Fund is hosting the premier exhibit of a sample of the incredible images these children captured.

Join The Sparrow Fund at 220 Bridge Street in downtown Phoenixville, PA and prepare to catch your breath as you see snapshots of life through their eyes.







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