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The Washington Times: “Uniting Obama and Trump to save children”

The January 4, 2017 edition of The Washington Times provided a commentary by Elizabeth Bartholet (professor at Harvard Law School) and Chuck Johnson (president and CEO of the National Council for Adoption) entitled, “Uniting Obama and Trump to Save Children – Intercountry adoption is about Compassion, not Politics“.

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WA TImes - Uniting Obama Trump

The outgoing and incoming administrations are battling over pending regulations and appointments. The Obama administration wants to solidify its policies, and the transitional Trump team wants a free hand implementing new policies. Understandably, there is little room for agreement on many of these issues.

But there is one area where the president and the president-elect should be able to unite — protecting children globally against the horrors of institutional life, and enabling prospective parents to bring those children into their homes and hearts. The general public and politicians on both sides of the political aisle tend to agree that adoption is a good option for the world’s orphaned, abandoned and relinquished children. Yet, a small number of officials in the current Department of State have hijacked U.S. adoption policy, promoting positions never authorized by Congress and positions that it is unlikely President Obama would endorse were they brought to his attention.

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