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“The Tipping Point”: Be a Storyteller

Martha Young is a Storyteller China Team Leader, Orphan Advocate and Adoptive Mom. This is a beautiful story about how God used her to connect a family to a child an ocean away. One more reminder of how God works in the most intimate details of our lives.

Tipping Point 2
During one of our team devotions, I shared about the “tipping point”.

It's described as that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

I explained that just one comment, one post, one story can be the tipping point which propels a family toward adoption. I encouraged them to never waste an opportunity to be a storyteller.

During the trip we had two little guys who were listed on the shared list and ready for adoption, ready for a forever family. When I returned, I discovered one had been temporarily removed, but the other little boy remained.

For several weeks, I put off posting anything about this little guy named “Hunter” which was odd because my son is named Hunter… making him even more special to me. Every time I would think about posting, a wall would come up, so I waited and prayed. Around the first of this month, I finally posted about “Hunter” and how he needed a mommy and daddy.

My team members shared my post and prayed. A day later I received a private message from a gal introducing herself and explaining she had been “on the edge” about adoption for some time. Seeing and reading the post about “Hunter” was her family's confirmation that they were to move forward….their tipping point!

I received the first message from her late one night when I was very tired, discouraged, and questioning if I should continue leading trips. It was not 5 minutes after having those thoughts that I heard my phone beep with the message. After reading it, I sat on my bed and cried feeling so very loved by my precious Father. God's timing is perfect!

Keep up the good work. Advocate. Step out. Tell their stories. You never know when you'll be a part of someone's tipping point.

Tipping Point 1

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