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The Root Family


We were content with our crazy family of five.  Despite struggling with infertility, Jason and I had three amazing children.  But after our third miracle conception, we were exhausted, and decided without seeking God's will, to take ourselves off the infertility roller coaster.  Five years later, I found myself mourning the loss of what God's plan for our family might have been.  I repented and asked Him to reveal to us what He wanted for our family.  I was thinking more of a miracle conception, or the peace that three children was the plan after all. . . I never contemplated adoption.  But then we heard the call “Go bring home Caleb from Africa.”

Jason and I began researching agencies and were first focused on finding one who worked through Ghana, but the more we prayed, the more we felt God continuously calling us back to AWAA.  Out of fear we kept asking God to show us where the money was going to come from before we would apply.  But we kept hearing back, “Apply and I'll show you the money.”  This went back and forth a good while until Jason said, “I think we need to just be obedient.”  We applied in February of 2009, and the next day Jason got a call from a competing company offering him a position with an increase in pay equal to the expected cost of our adoption. 

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