The Latest China Team Has Arrived!

I received a message from a church in Atlanta. They spotted one of our One Orphan Storyteller teams on the Great Wall in China (small world!). They loved their shirts… the shirts that read “Where Stories Collide.” 

It's funny how such a simple phrase could sum up what our missions department seeks to do. We understand that we are limited in our humanness. We understand that the orphan crisis is a huge problem. We understand that one short-term trip won't solve the problem. 

But. We also know the power of a story. 

We know that stepping into their story is the first step toward telling their story,

We know that changing our stories by intersecting them with that of the orphan forever changes us and propels us toward action.

Tireless action that becomes advocacy on behalf of every precious child we meet.

Please enjoy this brief update from our current China team:


We had an amazing first day at the orphanage! We had the opportunity to reconnect with many of the children and nannies that we have grown to grow and love. This day was very encouraging to many members of our team because the kids remembered us! This shows us the impact that we made last year and the lasting relationships that were formed.

The team is happy to see how much the kids have thrived throughout the year, mentally and physically. We also got the chance to brighten many of the babies day by giving them their own sensory blanket. The little things done for these children seem to please them the most!. Thanks for your prayers as we continue to serve this week.





Are you ready to step into their story? Visit One Orphan to find out more. 




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