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The Greatest Gift

As we enter this season of reflecting on the greatest gift ever given, God’s son Jesus, our thoughts often turn and reflect on gifts we want to give one another or special gifts we have received throughout our lives that mean something to us.

The Kaczmarski family recently returned home from China and Lauren shares a beautiful story about a special gift she received last year on December 21st, during their adoption process.

The following is Lauren’s story about this special gift she received, not only the gift of her new son but a special gift given to her that meant so much to her prior to the adoption:

“Luke is absolutely our best ‘yes’ and I am amazed at how well he is transitioning. We are absolutely smitten. I had prepared myself that it might take some time for our love to grow, but God likes to do abundantly more….I’m pretty much obsessed with him. Luke is catching on to language so quickly. He loves playing with Anna and David and he is learning the routines of our home like a champ. I have so many stories and special moments from China. Some will live safely tucked away in my heart forever. Others I feel compelled to share. This story below is one of those about a special gift.

On my birthday this past year, (December 21st), My husband Jon presented me with a beautifully packaged box. Inside was a gorgeous gold bar necklace. My favorite part? He had written the mandarin characters for “family” by hand and had them carefully engraved on it. I wore it every day. Never took it off. When Jon gave me the necklace, we were deep into adoption paperwork, dreaming and praying for our future child, but did not know about our precious Luke.

It was March when I saw my son’s face for the first time. You are given pretty limited information when you review a child’s “file”. A photo. Very basic medical background. Sometimes an approximate birth date and “finding place” (the specific place where your child was abandoned). I don’t think I noticed it the first time I reviewed it, but upon closer inspection of Luke’s file, it was there. The date that Luke’s paperwork was filed and made him officially eligible for adoption was December 21, 2017. My birthday! The very day that Jon had gifted me with my beautiful necklace. Little did I know that that very same day, God was preparing a more incredible gift for me – my son. Only 8,150 miles away.

Fast forward to July 16, 2018, in Guiyang, China. The day we met our son. We had the honor of meeting Luke’s foster parents that day. What incredibly kind people. They have cared for him since the time he was three months old. We had brought a few gifts–candy and stamps. But how do you thank the woman that has raised your child? The woman who has kissed every boo-boo, nursed him back to health after multiple hospital stays, cheered him on as he took his first steps?

I wanted her to understand our immense gratitude and know that we will continue to value her role in Luke’s life. I took off my gold bar necklace, presenting it to Luke’s foster mom as a gift. Using our guide as my translator, I explained that Jon had given it to me as a gift on my birthday and how significant it was to me that Luke’s adoption paperwork had been prepared on that day.

As I gently clasped it around her neck, I told her how much we value her and that she would always be considered Luke’s family. I promised her that we would take excellent care of him and love him unconditionally. I could tell she was filled with emotion as tears fell down her face. Within minutes, it was time for them to leave. I’m pretty sure we were all crying – Luke was wailing.

china adoption

I was so happy for Luke’s foster mom to have my necklace. It serves as a single strand connecting us when we are oceans apart, but I knew that I would want to replace it. When we arrived home, I reached out to @itsgldn on Etsy who had made my original necklace. I gave her my original order number and requested another necklace. I also shared a little of the story.

As a fellow small business owner, I always appreciate hearing stories behind the scenes. Within hours, Grace from the GLDN team responded. She shared that she was very touched by our story and as a CHINESE ADOPTEE she wanted to gift me with a new necklace free of charge! Seriously? Friends, just in case you ever doubted it, God is in the details.”

china adoption

We love hearing stories of God’s faithfulness and never cease to be amazed at how he orchestrates even the smallest of details in the beautiful stories of adoption.  Thank you, Kaczmarski family, for sharing your story and Happy Birthday, Lauren!

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