The Ethiopia Ripple Project: Lead Nanny, Gebeyanesh

Ethiopia Ripple
Gebeyanesh is the head of her household and works to provide for her four nieces and brother who live in government housing with her. Her job allows for their basic daily necessities. Her hope is to have a home one day where her family might prosper, and she dreams to send her family to school, as they have never been.


She has been with America World for 8 years and is the lead nanny of the Ethiopia Transition Home. Gebeyanesh does not take that role lightly, as she oversees the day-to-day caring for the many children in the America World Ethiopia program. She is looked upon a as leader and role model, and helps the nannies and staff to be successful in their roles as caregivers. She oversees the scheduling of nannies and their responsibilities. She also is in charge of the cleaning of the transition home and ensures the staff takes extra measures for the children to live in a clean and loving environment.  

Gebeyanesh is a jack-of-all-trades and fills the gap where it’s needed. Would you come alongside of us and fill the gap by sponsoring Gebeyanesh today? For $42 a month, it will give her peace to know she can provide for her family, and continue to reach for her dreams.  For more information on how to sponsor Gebeyanesh, please visit


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