The Economist article: “No One Cares For You a Smidge”

The Economist published an article on August 6, 2016 that we wanted to share called, Babies Without Borders:  Hundreds of thousands of children languish in orphanages. Adopting them should be made easier
See the full article HERE .
Senator Roy Blunt (MO), along with 8 co-sponsors, introduced a bill on July 14, 2016, S. 3279: Vulnerable Children and Families Act of 2016 .  The bill calls to “realign structures and reallocate resources in the Federal Government in keeping with the core belief that families are the best protection for children and the bedrock of any society to bolster United States diplomacy targeted at ensuring that every child can grow up in a permanent, safe, nurturing, and loving family, and to ensure that inter country adoption to the United States becomes a viable and fully developed option for providing families for children in need, and for other purposes.”
Pray with us that this bill would continue to move forward, and that governments would work to create solutions for making adoptions safe for children and families, yet quicker, easier and less costly.

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