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Making the Most of the Wait…

Ask any parent who is in the midst of the adoption process and they'll tell you (if you don't already know) that the wait time can be a crazy rollercoaster ride. Many well-meaning friends and family frequently remind the 'wait-ers' things like:

  • “Good things come to those who wait!”
  • “Patience is a virtue.”
  • “It will be here before you know it!”
  • “All in God's timing.”
  • “God's timing is perfect!”
  • …among others

Of course we know God's timing is perfect and we appreciate the reminders, but it doesn't always make the wait easier. Still, our friends and family are a welcomed support for us during the wait–no matter how short or long the wait may be.

Although we at America World don't have a solution to the waiting dilemma, we have heard of some great things that families have done during their wait and wanted to share some of them with you.

  1. Journal – once your child is home and life begins to return to normal, you will be glad you tracked your journey in written form. It also provides a great gift to your child in years to come.
  2. Read – adoption books, parenting books, child development and others that your social worker can recommend. It not only helps distract a bit, but can provide a wealth of information that just may come in handy.
  3. Choose a pediatrician – if you don't already have one, this is a great time to talk to other parents and find a doctor that you are comfortable with and can be ready to go once your child comes home.
  4. Learn the language – although America World handles your in-country needs, learning some simple words and phrases can still be helpful–especially if you are adopting an older child.
  5. Decorate – decorating the nursery or child's room can help with the emotions of waiting and also be an inviting, comfortable place for your child when they arrive.
  6. Blog – this is a great way to engage your family, friends and co-workers in your adoption. Many don't understand the process but can walk through it with you. It is also a great reminder for them to pray for you!
  7. Fundraise – lots of creative ways that America World families have raised money to help with adoption expenses, and this is the perfect time to do so!
  8. Recipes – buy a cookbook with food from your child's country. Find out what your favorite foods are and perfect them. This can also be great for your older child when they arrive home.
  9. Hone your photo/video skills – capturing those moments in your child's birth country is important. Be sure to learn how to use all of the features on your camera so that the photos and video are top quality. These will, no doubt, be cherished by your child for life!
  10. Tackle the to-do list – those projects that need done, now is the time. You will want to make sure those things are not still on the to-do list when your child arrives.

What did we miss? We welcome you to share your ideas on the America World Facebook page. Your input can be just the thing other families need to hear!

Finally, know that the staff at America World is praying for all of you. Remember that the wait is no surprise to God. He has this. And, yes, His timing really is perfect.




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