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The Connection Between China Foster Homes, Jackie Chan & America World

Many children from America World’s orphanage partnerships in China are part of a foster care family or a foster care home before being adopted. America World feels truly blessed in that some of the children referred through our China Waiting Children program are in Starfish Foster Home in China. We are huge fans of Starfish Foster Home and the wonderful care they provide to the children staying with them. 

Luca 1
You can read more about this amazing organization at the Starfish Foster Home page.  It is so evident that each child is so well loved and cared for. One story in particular we’d like to share with you is about a sweet boy who Starfish refers to as “Lucaâ€. Luca is a sweet little boy who was matched with a family through America World’s China Waiting Children program. We recently got the news that Luca just had surgery that was funded by a donation from Jackie Chan! This family will soon be traveling to meet their son and we are so excited he’ll be part of a forever family!

Jackie Chan 1
We love that so many of the children that we place from our orphanage partnership program in China are in wonderful foster homes and care centers provided by organizations like Starfish Foster Home, Love Without Boundaries, Half the Sky and others.

Leo 1
If you are interested in joining our Waiting Children Program and adopting from China, please contact us at or 800.429.3369 for more information. 


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