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Hale Family - India Adoption

The Adoption Journey Continues

An Update on the Hale Family

In 2021, we told the story of Martin and Emily in our blog. They started the adoption process with us in 2016 after being married for six years and finding themselves unsuccessful at starting a family.

“We chose AWAA because, as Christians, we wanted to use an agency that believed the same way we did,” said Emily.

They set their sights on India due to the great need for children to be adopted there. They specifically chose to adopt girls, as historically, girls/women are not given many opportunities in many parts of the world, including parts of India.

God confirmed that their desire was His will by miraculously providing for their adoption costs, and they adopted three girls – Anjaly, Priyanka, and Leela – from India over several years.

“We were so grateful for the professionalism, prayer, care, and thought that AWAA gives to each adoption and family. Adoption is a hard, long, and arduous process. And it is better to go through it with people with the expertise and experience and who are praying alongside you than to not,” said Martin.

Their Post Adoption Journey

Now, Anjaly is 6, Priyanka is 5, and Leela is 4. And although their adoption process is officially over, the adoption journey is not. Children who have dealt with trauma have unique needs, and the families who adopt them continue to need support even after the process is complete.

Therefore, Martin and Emily have been grateful to take advantage of our Post Adoption Services. This program aims to equip families for life after adoption and to help them change their perspectives about the challenges of parenting a child with trauma.

The Hales say the program has been a tremendous support. “We’ve had conference calls, received book recommendations, and have received advice on dealing with the traumatic events our daughters have been through,” says Emily.

And we are so grateful we have been able to continue our support of this precious family!

If you are interested in helping fund post-adoptive support for families like the Hales, please consider donating to our organization. For more information about our program, contact our Adoption Coaching and Training team!


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