Thank You, Faith!

Awaa-045This week, we are saying goodbye to a longtime AW staff member. Faith Fisler has been part of the America World team for 10 years! She retired from her job as an officer at Bank of America in 1990 after 21 years, and then worked for a non-profit that assisted the homeless for nine years. 

Faith came to America World in 2003, when we had just three programs- China, Russia, and Ukraine. She floated around departments in various administrative roles, assisting with everything from information pack assembly, China dossiers, post placement reports, and Ethiopia paperwork as that program opened. She didn't always know what task she'd have when she arrived in the morning, but was willing to help out however needed. Her favorite part of working at AW has been the people she met and seeing the strong integrity of the work they do. 

She has worked side by side, in some capacity, with nearly every single employee of AW these last ten years- making her reach and influence across the agency tremendous. She will be greatly missed. Thank you, Faith, for your service to adoptive families, orphaned children, and the blessing you've been to America World!



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