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Testimonies from our ACT May Team in China

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As we welcome our team members home from China, our hearts are full and encouraged, their testimonies proving more of His favor and blessing upon those who extend themselves, even if for a bit, and reach into the lives of many littles around the world who are desperate for some hope and tangible love. Hear from our China Team Leader as she recounts their last few days at the orphanage and testifies of what wonderful things God did through them:

Below are some of the things that the orphanage staff said to us at our meeting this afternoon. We had the meeting, then exchanged gifts and took pictures. It was emotional. I think everyone on our team was crying at some point and then at the end, several of the nannies and nurses were crying as well.

I feel so drained tonight – in every aspect. I think it was summed up best when you said you will be emptied of yourself, but filled with Him. That is exactly how I feel. It's hard to put into words this experience. It was nothing like I had envisioned. It was so much harder. But so worth it. My heart was truly broken for what breaks His. I will be forever changed by this trip. 

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Here are some of the amazing things that we heard from the Director of the Orphanage: 

  • You taught us to teach the nannies that even though they are busy with tasks, that they should take a few minutes to hug the children and talk to and interact with them.
  • You showed us love and we will pass that love down from the nannies to the kids and the kids to the little kids.
  • You got down on the ground and that showed us that you respected the kids.
  • You held their hands.
  • We have never seen the kids so happy.
  • The kids are smiling now so much that it is scaring the nannies (made a joke).
  • We don't want to see you leave.
  • We hope you will come back and we will see you again. 
  • Your love is without boundaries. 
  • We will never forget this experience. 

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As a collective group of impassioned hearts and ready hands, we are so humbled by these responses and feel incredibly thankful to our Christ Jesus for His hand of favor upon our team members and the precious kiddos they were able to minister to. 

If you would like to read more about what happened on this trip, stop by the team blog for some fresh inspiration! And, if you would like to join ACT on a future trip, just like this one, be sure to visit us at to find out more details; you won't regret signing up for a trip! 


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