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Team America World’s Inaugural Race!

Last week was the Team America World’s inaugural race at the Chosen Marathon in New Braunfels, Texas. We were so excited and the weather could not have been better!

After some time to rest and reflection this race weekend, I want to tell you what an incredible opportunity it was for us to run in this particular race. I have run a lot of races sponsored by charities and for-profit groups. I’ve run with charity groups and just by myself. But I have never been on a course so uplifting and motivating. The entire race day felt encouraging from those at the water tables to the runners themselves so even when the running wasn’t going great, the atmosphere spoke volumes of why we were really there. Even if you couldn’t run the full time or if you were not the fastest runner, the mindset of the race was to be there for the fatherless and vulnerable children around the world.

At one point, a man ran past me with worship music blaring from his iPhone. In a normal race, he probably would have been stared at if not been the recipient of some jokes or social media slams. But on this day, everyone thanked him and started to sing or hum along. Uneven in my gasping running breathing, I couldn’t help but join in for a few bars.

This picture and comment of Team America World runner sums it up the best.

Team AW

Team America World would like to thank you for your support and prayers for our training and race day. It truly is a testament to what the body of Christ is truly about – serving one another!

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