Team America World: Running for China Medical Fund

We are officially under a month before race day is here for Team America World’s inaugural race!

In previous posts, we have talked about the 3 orphan care initiatives the team is raising money for. In this post, I want to highlight the China Medical Fund

While America World’s program in China started mainly as an adoption program, over the years it has grown to support of orphans and the staff who care for them. This includes sending Storyteller mission teams to our partner orphanages to assess children’s needs, train orphanage staff, and help advocate for children to have their forever families.  Another way AWAA provides orphan care is through funding to support the physical needs of the children there. We help provide food and nutrition education to orphanage along with toys, books, and other material needs our orphanage partners have.  

The Medical Fund is specifically designed to support the life saving and medical needs of children in our partner orphanages. Recently on our blog, we shared about 4 boys who need cleft lip and palate surgeries. Unrepaired cleft lip and/or palates lead to long term issues with feeding, hearing, and speech, leaving these children even more vulnerable to malnourishment, loss of hearing and social isolation. With treatment, these children can go on to live full and healthy lives!

Please consider supporting Team America World by running with us, praying for our training, donating to our funds, and sharing this message with your family and friends who may be interested!


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