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Sweet Sasha needs a forever family

Sweet Sasha needs a forever family

Sasha is a sweet little 4 ½ yr old girl who lives with a foster family and is close to her foster grandma.  Sasha loves music, is extroverted, and gets along well with others. She understands simple instructions, likes to pose when a camera is out, knows simple shapes and can identify cartoon characters. Sasha has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) and while she can express some very simple things through language, she is noted as having language delays and needs to be supported by others when standing or walking.  Her file notes that she is in need of speech therapy as well as physical therapy to strengthen her body. Her bloodwork panels were positive for HBsAb and HBcAb (Hep B antibodies).

Sasha is a Special focus designated AWAA partnership orphanage referral and families at any stage of the process or considering adoption are welcome to inquire and review her file. Please contact our staff at or by phone at 800-429-3369 to learn more. You can also check your eligibility by filling out a free pre-application here. 

Please join us by being an advocate for Sasha and share this post with others you know. Your one share could be the catalyst to bring about a forever family for sweet Sasha!  If you know families who are interested in adopting children with cerebral palsy, please help us spread the word about this sweet girl. 

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