Support the Accuracy for Adoptees Act

Legislation was introduced yesterday to assist in making the
correction of birth certificates easier for those adopted abroad. Presently, birth certificates can be changed on the state level, however
those changes are not recognized federally. This causes the adopted individual to
either 1) pursue their adoptive country to correct the document, or 2) have two
different birth dates – one for state documents and another for federal
documents. You can imagine the issues this causes when the child reaches the
age of applying for a driver’s license, passport, social security card, or job.
The Accuracy for Adoptees Act would require USCIS and federal agencies to
accept and recognize state court orders amending a child’s name or date of

This would ultimately cut red tape for families and remove
another hurdle for a child after adoption. Please clink this link to learn more about the bill.

We encourage families to contact their Members of Congress
to cosponsor the Accuracy for Adoptees Act. The Senate bill number is S.1614
and the House bill number is H.R.3386.

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