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Emmanuel is Real: Stories of Hope

Imagine this. You’re a child in a remote part of the world. Around you, things are falling into chaos. There is no food. You look to your caregivers who helplessly search for resources and find none. But then, something happens. Prayers are said, petitions are made and God moves.

This week during the Season of Hope as we marched steadily toward the Christmas season, we learned of desperate needs. Needs that specifically centered around nutrition. Our staff prayed over these needs and sought direction on how to be part of the story. As we shared the need many families and individuals felt God stirring and prompting them to be part of the solution. Gifts were given, food was purchased and delivery plans were made.

This week, as children looked on, food and supplies were delivered by familiar faces. Not teams of foreigners but partners who share their language and culture.

We received an email update and pictures with the words “we know Emmanuel is real.”

He is real indeed. God is moving in hearts, hearing prayers and defending the fatherless. Sometimes we all get to be a part of that, and when we do, we are all reminded that Emmanuel is most certainly God with us.

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