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Support Human Rights for Unparented Children

Support Human Rights for Unparented Children

We would like to introduce you to the Coalition of the Human Rights of Unparented Children and encourage you to sign up on their site to keep up-to-date with important news.

The Coalition for the Human Rights of Unparented Children is a broad coalition of child human rights experts and organizations who advocate for children’s most fundamental need, and most basic human right: to grow up in loving, nurturing families, with committed parents capable of providing unconditional love on an ongoing basis. Coalition members include Brian Luwis, America World Adoption CEO; Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans President; Chuck Johnson, National Council for Adoption CEO & President; Elizabeth Styffe, Saddleback Church Orphan Care Initiative Director, and many others.

There are obstacles that keep children from their basic right to a family and the Coalition is committed to standing up to provide children their most basic fundamental need: a family.


One of the first initiatives is supporting legislation that was introduced in 2017. 

This new legislation is simple.

It requires no new resources and no new office. It creates no new sanctions and allows the Department of State the same discretion it has traditionally enjoyed in preparing the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.

It simply requires the Department of State to stop discriminating against millions of children worldwide by refusing to count as a human rights violation the deliberate denial of family life through their unnecessary institutionalization and the related barriers to adoption.

While simple, this legislation would nonetheless be of enormous significance. It is designed to transform the current debate over whether unparented children should continue to be condemned to institutions whose destructive effects have been demonstrated by all the leading social and medical science, or should instead be allowed to find permanent families through adoption.

Thank you for supporting important orphan care initiatives!

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