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Super Bowl Facts, America World-style

Super Bowl XLIX
We felt obligated to post something about the game since you are likely to hear the phrase “Super Bowl” quite a bit today. Whether you are a die-hard Seahawks fan, a die-hard Patriots fan, or simply don't care at all we thought we would share some interesting facts with you.

  1. The Coin Toss – in 48 Super Bowls, the coin toss has resulted in 24 'heads' and 24 'tails (50% of our staff picks 'heads', 50% of our staff picks 'tails')
  2. Tickets – the cheapest seat (face value) is $800; the average price of a ticket will be $5,000. (that would make a very nice adoption grant, huh?)
  3. TV Viewers – last year's game had a total of 111.5 million viewers; about 1 of every 63 people on the planet.  (still not as many as estimated number of orphans worldwide)
  4. TV Ads – a 30-second spot aired during the game costs $4.5 million, or $150,000 per second.  (one second equals 30 $5,000 adoption grants, or 900 $5,000 grants per commercial…wow)
  5. Pizza Delivery – Domino's Pizza delivery drivers will drive 4 million miles today delivering pizzas nationwide (approx. 287 roundtrip adoption flights from NYC to Ethiopia, or NYC to Beijing)
  6. Who's Watching – the game will be broadcast in 180 countries (okay, America World is in a few less countries than that, but we are working on it)
  7. The Trophy – The Vince Lombardi Trophy is 22 inches tall, weighs 7 pounds and is made of sterling silver, created by Tiffany & Co. (the America World logo varies in height, weighs virtually nothing, and is usually blue)
  8. Twitter – In the days right after the conference championships, @patriots had 1.15 million Twitter followers compared to 774,000 followers for @seahawks (America World has about 1,560 Twitter followers. We need to work on that!  Follow us on Twitter @AmericaWorld and on America World Facebook)

Okay, that's enough facts for now.  Did you like those?

Patriots?  Seahawks?  Or, simply don't care?  

Enjoy the game!  


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