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Subscribing to our Blog

SubscribeThere are 2 ways to subscribe to the America World Blog If you would like to recieve a notice of our posts as they are published: 

1. The most common way is to subscribe by email.  This option is on the left sidebar, near the bottom.  Just enter your email address in the box provided and click “Get email updates”.  You will then be directed to a different webpage on Feedblitz, a subscription manager database.  Just follow the directions on this page and your email account will be sent a notice from Feedblitz to confirm that you want notifications of updated posts to be sent to your email address. (note: if you previously subscribed in this way, please subscribe again as we had to recreate this option due to an error. Thank you!)

2. The second way to subscribe is by subscribing to any type of web based news reader you may be registered with like yahoo, google or aol.  Typically if you have a personal email account through one of these websites, you can also set up a news reader which brings you daily world news and any blogs or publications you are subscribed to.  If you have this service and want to subscribe to our blog in this way, just click on the link on the left sidebar that says, “Subscribe to this blog’s feed” and follow the instructions that follow.


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